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12 Days of Christmas - Day 12


And here it is - the last story! I've very much enjoyed writing them, and hope you have all enjoyed them too. I have been asked to publish them as a kindle book (so the option is there if you do want to get it for kindle) - so I will publish it soon as a collection, and will let you know when they're available, but they are available to download as PDFs from the website

As for the final story, is there a particular movie that you always watch at Christmas - one that you love and it's a tradition to always watch it and it always gets you into the holiday spirit? Yes? Well, mine's Rear Window, so here's my version of it - available HERE.

Whether you do celebrate Christmas or not, I hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow, or hope you already are for all our friends around the other side of the world - whose Christmas has already begun! Yay - so jealous!

Best seasonal wishes


Holiday quote of the day:

Bender: “Ah, Xmas Eve. Another pointless day where I accomplish nothing.”

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