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Reindeer Holidays

Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • ​​Valentine's - I have plans for Martha (Branch, Harlan and Ariel's momma) about her being romanced perhaps by a moose shifter - always liked  the idea of sticking a moose in there

  • Solstice - I was thinking of the summer solstice and having Dozer meet a witchy mate who is celebrating by communing with nature...


Vague plans for future stories

Stories for Father's Day, possibly Cinco de Mayo, the winter solstice (not too sure) and maybe Arbor Day - perhaps with one of the reindeer chaining his or herself to a tree in protest... maybe.  Oh and Groundhog Day - that's surely a must.


Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • Danica and Grey - they take off on a road trip to help a friend of Danica's with fiery results!

  • Gracchus' brother - a story where Gracchus and his brother are finally reunited, along with the witch who is currently with his brother - which will make an impact onon waking the gargoyles (oh, this is vague, vague stuff... sorry, it's a Simpsons quote).

  • Twenty-Six - she finds out more about what she is, with help from the beast man (from ...investigates - can't recall his name - I tell ya, my memory!), and she comes face to face with another gargoyle like her - giving her a choice to make.

  • Kylie and Luc - another story about them and when the baby is born and the ongoing, super slow moving situation comes to a head.

Vague plans for future stories

Story about Hank (introduced in ... takes a rose) and a female gargoyle.  Story about Rex.  Random gargoyle - I was thinking of doing a story not connected to the other gargoyles.  Where a random gargoyle who is a statue in a private collection wakes up and scares the bejeezus out of the woman who owns him.

Bounty Hunters

Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • Wyatt - the hard-working lion detective shifter finally takes a vacation, but when a new, out-of-her-depth bounty hunter turns up looking for a skip, of course, he gets involved.

  • Thor (the polar bear) -  he's apparently chasing after a renowned assassin, though the fact that she's a contract killer is certainly news to the mousy librarian who's been arrested after finding a body in the cookbook section!

  • Noah the fox - he finds himself in competition with another bounty hunter, who does not know how to play fair.

Vague plans for future stories

Stories for a gator shifter and a tiger shifter.

Supernatural Enforcers

Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • Aimee and Wayne - I'm not sure where the story is going with this, but I know I want Aimee to be assigned to work with Wayne (fully against his will) - I have some ideas about them going to his town to investigate a cousin of his, and they have to pose as a couple - very much to Aimee's delight!

  • Bettina and the vampire - I have firm plans to send them on a supernatural singles cruise.  She's there to investigate, and he follows her because, you know...  But she's not interested because she worries he's hung up on the woman he thought was his true mate.
  • Lake and a new character - I have this idea about Lake needing to go undercover with a very timid member of the SEA - possibly a mole shifter.  Something small and cute, anyway.

Vague plans for future stories

Stories for Moose (introduced in Wolfman), Mercy (from Bear and Unicorn) and Wes (the liger).  POssibly some kind of story about a bank robbery - there's always a bank robbery story.

Grey Wolf Pack

Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • Ford and Candace - to help her and her family start a new life Ford agrees to mate her.  But a simple arrangement soon turns hot!

  • Jimmy - a simple trip to the hospital to visit a friend leads to Jimmy acquiring a new housemate and her newborn baby, but can he keep her safe from the father of her baby?

  • Hunter and Noa - the story of how they came to split up and how they came back together.

Vague plans for future stories

Stories for Britt, Gwen, and the Tanner boys.

Bride-napping Jaguars

Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • Laurel and Diego - we find out that Laurel actually wasn't surprised by the kidnapping, and actually comes from a more supernatural background than Diego could have expected.  Also, it will be resolved as to why the jaguar leap struggles to have baby girls.

  • Roberto and a lion shifter - devastated after what happened in Laurel/Diego's story (or is going to have happened... or whatever), he takes off on his own for a while, but his alone time is cut short by the arrival os a lioness in distress, and to save her he may have to kidnap her.

  • Valentina and the lion alpha - after everything that has happened to her, Valentina thinks that getting away from the leap may be the best thing for her, however, she catches the eye of a lion and he doesn't want to let her go.

Vague plans for future stories

I'm not sure I will write more than the remaining three I have planned - I may just leave it at that, because by the end there won't be any need for more kidnappings.

Shifter Romances

Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • Matthew and Karen - I have this idea for a story about characters who appeared in Bears in Flight - Mia's parents - and the unlikely story of how they came together.  He's a real pain in the derriere, but before Karen softened him, he was worse and about to enter an arranged mating - so I have this idea about the two of them getting together in spite of the strenuous objections of both their families.

  • Charlotte and Bill - I had a thought that I would like to do a story about these two (Sydney's parents from SEA), and the story of their arranged mating.

  • Jonathan - I'd like to do a story about Ed's brother (Grey Wolf Pack), and how he manages to win his mate and pup back - after his awful family tore them apart,

Vague plans for future stories

Vague idea about doing a story about Hannah (the sister of Christine from Keeping the Wolf) and a member of her sister's pack.  Also, had a thought about Misty (who appeared in Keeping the Wolf).


Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • Bigfoot - I would love to do a longer story about Bigfoot (other than the short from Monster Love), or a Bigfoot shifter at least - I love Bigfoot!

  • Zombies - I have a basic idea about adding to/expanding the short story Love in the Time of Zombies.

  • Zombies Pets - in my Monster Love anthology I had a very short, teeny, tiny story about pets becoming zombies, and I kind of think it would make a funny longer story - maybe a novella.

Vague plans for future stories

Maybe some kind of creature from the black lagoon - had some vague idea about it - kind of 'beauty and the beast' thing.

Alien (series to come)

Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • The whole series is due to revolve around an alien prison transport ship blowing up and the aliens who decide to take refuge on Earth.

  • The first will be about an 'acquisitions' expert who crash lands in an escape pod, and how he avoids the other desperate escapees and helps a woman escape her husband.

  • An alien bounty hunter arrives to capture as many of the escapees as possible - though he becomes more interested in capturing a human's heart!  (Ugh, I know, so cheesy!)

  • A female alien - I know I want to do a female alien story, but don;t have an inkling about where it's going just yet.

  • Intergalactic policeman who comes to investigate just why the ship crashed.

Vague plans for future stories

Possibly a story about one of the guards from the ship who seeks refuge on earth - or maybe the mechanic.


Future story plans (not necessarily in the right order)

  • I have this thought about doing a cyborg story - it's set in the future when Earth is kind of ravaged after a war, and cyborgs are used as menial labor.  Everyone believes cyborgs are basically robots, but they could not be more wrong - as an unsuspecting young man finds out.  (I have the idea of it rattling around in my head - probably because soooooo many movies these days are about a miserable, ravaged Earth future.)

Vague plans for future stories

Maybe a mermaid story? Not too sure but I kind of like the idea of it.  Perhaps some kind of demon/angel story (that idea may just be because I'm now super-duper obsessed with the TV show Good Omens!) 

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