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12 Days of Christmas Day 1


Happy December everybody!

I know I've been largely absent this year due to a lot of personal issues, so I thought I would make an effort and have a little fun in December with an advent calendar of sorts.

I don't know about you but I LOOOOOVE advent calendars, and I love how fun they've become in recent years. I currently have one with socks in and another with nail varnishes. Now, this isn't anything as fun as socks or nail varnishes, but I am *hoping* to be able to publish a new Christmassy/Holiday short story every other day throughout December - at least that's the plan.

This first story is, in fact, the story from the November competition, but a Christmassy/Holiday theme was requested so here we go. It's now available on the new Christmas webpage HERE. I won't be doing the competition in December - just this instead.

The first story is a Grey wolf Eric and Missy story - and I know a few people were getting a bit tired of them, so, if that includes you, you may want to give it a miss, and remember there are other stories coming.

I will also force on you some of my favorite Christmassy quotes as I'm doing it, which will hopefully raise a smile or two - because, am I the only one who thinks that Christmas stories, movies and TV specials are just the best?

So whether you do celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you enjoy the upcoming stories.

Best seasonal wishes


Holiday quote of the day:

Homer - It won't seem like Christmas without opening up a giant credit card bill in January.

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