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Reindeer Easter Family Info

Just a quick note regarding the Easter Reindeer story update - I’ve had feedback from a few guys to say it was automatic and you don’t even need to click it to update - yay!

So, the quick way to make sure you have it is by checking the number of chapters - the new version has an epilogue. If yours doesn’t, then re-sync your device to make sure it gets the new one - just being hooked up to WiFi may not do it, you may have to make it re-sync. I don’t know about all devices but on my current iPad I can do it by going into the ‘more’ section and clicking sync - it tells me there when it was last synced. I don’t know about kindles because, umm, I may have broken mine when I spilled a cup of tea on it - which is why I’m borrowing my dad’s iPad until I get a new one or fix it... ugh, but I think it should be similar and there may be something in settings or the like.

If that doesn't work go onto the Amazon website and in the devices and content section check your preferences/settings are set up for automatic downloads and then re-sync. If that doesn't work.. I'm out of ideas I'm afraid! You could at that point ask Amazon for advice - but as it has worked for others it should work for everyone.

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