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Help me with my Patreon account


After much thought, I have decided to open up a Patreon account. My main reason is stability.

While I love writing, the income from it is variable month to month, and when you're supporting your family, it's not ideal. So the hope is that with some more dependable income every month through Patreon that I can continue writing, rather than increasing hours at my day job.

I'm in the middle of setting up an account, and I'm reading through the info. Now, anyone familiar will already know, but Patreon offers the options of 'tiers' whereby supporters can decide how much they pledge each month and therefore decide what they get in return.

Obviously, I think the main thing would be getting to see what I'm working on bit by bit - so it would be like seeing a bit of the story every week, and then getting a PDF of the whole story at the end. But there are other things to offer.

Now, Patreon gives suggestions and ideas, but I wondered if you could advise? If this something you would be interested in, can you fill in the following mini quiz to give me an idea of what you would like to see? (There are only four questions and a suggestion box - and you don't have to complete all the questions if you don't want. The quiz is also anonymous, I don't need to know who suggests what.) QUIZ

Again, if you're not interested, that's no problem - you don't need to do anything. I know this isn't something for everyone - and I don't blame anyone who wouldn't want to get involved. I'm not going to stop publishing on Amazon, it's just with the Patreon, it would be like seeing the stories early.

Take care Elizabeth

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