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Join me on Instagram!


After years of avoiding social media like a vampire avoids garlic, I now have an Instagram account.

Now, it may be an odd choice for someone who writes, but honestly, I just can't get on with Facebook or Twitter. So I am trying out Instagram.

Over the past few months I've come to enjoy following others on Instagram so thought I would give it a try as a way to update people on where I am with things.

I don't envision posting a lot, just maybe once or twice a week at most - if that, and I won't be posting loads of pictures of myself or anything like that. I'm far too introverted and weird to take selfies, never mind post them.

But if you are insterested please do give me a follow. My username is @elizabeth.ann.price (took me ages to understand that everyone has a '@' at the start of their usernames - I really should have read the instructions!), and in case you can't figure out who I am, I am using the pic of the stag below as my profile pic. I have also added the Instagram feed to my home page of this website - there's only one post so far!


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