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When A Gargoyle... Part Nine Available Now!


The newest Gargoyles book is available now at Amazon. It is called 'When a Gargoyle Takes a Rose.'

There is a peek below, and you can read the blurb here.

Take care



Merek surged forward, roared and slammed his sword into the… pink, twisted metal thing?!

“My new bike!” cried a young, female voice.

“Damn, I knew I should have moved that,” muttered a female.

“We will get you another,” reassured a gruff male.

“Bikes don’t grow on trees,” said the female.

“Of course not, why would anyone believe that bicycles would?” asked a confused fourth voice.

“I’m just saying,” said the female, “that maybe the bike can be salvaged. There’s no need to waste money.”

“But he stuck his sword in it,” said the young girl.

“Daffy, we may be able to fix it.”

“Will you be silent for once?” sneered a fifth and somewhat unpleasant voice.

“Do not speak to my mate that way,” growled the gruff male.

“Everybody, calm down,” soothed a sixth voice, “we’ll talk about the bike later.”

Merek tried to take in this bizarre conversation, but he was dealing with quite a bit of confusion of his own. One moment, he was charging forward in battle, about to bury his sword into the empty skull of a troll, and the next…

He stood up straight and looked around him. There was undoubtedly no battle, only a group of anxious faces watching him closely. There was a mixture of both humans and gargoyles.

“What is happening?” he asked slowly.

“I am Luc,” rumbled a large, red gargoyle. He stepped forward from the group, dropping the hand of a small, pregnant human. ‘There is a lot to tell you.”

Merek looked between the faces and sensing no danger from them he nodded. “So I see.”

“You must be hungry and thirsty. We will get you some food and drink and explain what has happened. If you are amenable, we will eat in the house.”

Merek looked up at the large house. It was unlike any building he had ever seen before, but he was not opposed to going inside it. He knew gargoyles who had refused to set clawed foot in human constructions, but he was not one of them.

“Yes,” he agreed and tried to pull his sword from the pink thing, apparently called a bike.

It would not budge. It appeared to be stuck. After trying to slam the bike against the ground forcibly, he gave in and just dragged the thing with him.

“Guess we’re gonna need a new bike,” muttered the female.

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