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When A Gargoyle Takes a Rose Available for Pre-order


The newest gargoyle story - book nine - is now available for pre-order from Amazon. There's a sneack peek below.

Take care



Amara’s fingers pressed to her lips as the huge… man thundered through her door. She was filled with so many emotions and thoughts… actually, she had no idea what to feel or think.

A moment ago she had been so sure that her husband was coming through that door, intent on doing heck knew what. Instead, this strange, colossal creature was here, and she was… relieved. Yes, she was actually happy it wasn’t Tom, so happy that this winged creature was welcome!

He was the most unusual person she had ever seen, with his blue skin, twisted horns, flowing hair and enormous wings. He looked at her with a benign smile on his face, and she marveled at his astonishing blue-green eyes. They were green and blue and more beautiful than… something that was pretty darn beautiful.

Her mind reached for an explanation – something that would and could explain what he was and what he was doing in her kitchen at night. Undoubtedly because of the wings and the gentle look on his face, he could be only one thing.

“Are you… are you an angel?” she whispered.

That beatific and somehow reassuring smile on his face widened. He placed a clawed hand over what was supposed to be his heart – it was just that his chest was so massive that even his large hand struggled to cover much of it. Amara had the strangest tingling sensation when looking at that chest.

“No, dear mate, I am not.”

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up at the sound of his voice. It was deep and warm, and something that Amara never considered a voice could be – delicious.

“Who… what…” The questions stuttered in her mind as she merely took him in.

Was he really there? Or perhaps her mind was playing tricks on her. Amara considered that for a few beats before deciding against it. She didn’t think her mind would be so cruel to her, nor did she think she was capable of dreaming up someone so… so detailed.

He took a step into the kitchen, and Amara merely watched him, unable to move – unable to do anything. She was gawking at him like she was an idiot.

“I know I must come as a shock to you,” he said slowly.

Amara made a gurgling noise.

He drew himself up even taller – which she wouldn’t have thought possible, given his wings already scraped the ceiling. “But, know that I am your mate, and I will defend you to the death!”

“My what?” she repeated faintly.

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