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New Reindeer Story Available!


The next in the Reindeer Holiday series: The Reindeer's Halloween Claim is now available on Amazon, and you can read the short blurb here.

Here is a peek:


Heather pressed her lips together, so her smirk wasn’t quite so pronounced. But seeing such a large, well-muscled young man blush was quite a funny sight.

He was decked out in black trousers, boots and a black t-shirt that hugged his gorgeously buff frame. She figured he was one of the reindeer army who were sent to guard Temp and Marion on a regular basis. Oh, to be surrounded by huge, brawny young men every day! She was rather jealous. Though, a little bit more jealous than she had been since this one came into view.

He was smaller than Tank – the gargantuan male who had mind-bogglingly married the tiny Marion – but he was still pretty big. Enormous really compared to her tiny five-foot-nothing physique. Of course, she wore five-inch-heels, but they still barely put a dent in their height differences.

She imagined being in bed with this beast would be somewhat like being smothered. Her lips curled as she imagined the blushing young man in her bed, as she imagined those huge, rough-looking hands all over her body...

She had a strong, almost predatory desire to see whether she really could lure him back to her apartment. No wonder her mom thought she was a sex maniac. But Temp might not like her dallying with the herd members. Plus, she had actually come here for a reason.

“I’m Heather,” she declared, pretending she wasn’t covertly ogling him and trying to work out whether he would look as fabulous naked as he did clothed.


“Hello, Ummm, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” she teased.

He shifted uneasily, and the bright red hue of his cheeks deepened. Heather felt her smile widen. There was something disarmingly cute about him. He looked like he could flatten a car with his mighty fists, and his head appeared to have been carved out of granite. But for some reason, she found him sweet, and in spite of her pressing need a moment ago, she was reluctant to move on and let him go. Loath to allow some other woman to be the object of that deep, blue gaze.

Alas, she could not stand around enjoying herself all day.


Temp spotted her and Heather cast a regretful, wistful look at the giant young man and gave him a jaunty wink before making her way into Temp’s office.


Available now at Amazon. : )

Take care


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