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Okay, first of all - I'm super pissed.

Why am I super pissed? Because (thanks to a lovely and helpful reader), I've just found out that someone is plagiarising my work and passing it off as their own on a site called Wattpad. I had never heard of this website but I have notified them and told them of the plagiarism, and also sent messages to the person, but so far nothing is happening.

It just... it makes me so angry and quite frankly makes me want to cry. I spend so much time trying to write, and that someone would just then take it from me and actually take praise for it disgusts me. They actually reply to messages people send saying that they love 'their' work! This 'writer' even have two thousand followers! This person has bought my books from Amazon and then copied and pasted them into this Wattpad website - and if you read the comments, you can see they actually have the nerve to complain about other people plagiarising them! If you are this person @cherrybirdie, take down the stories **immediately** - they are not your stories to publish or share. This person even just copied what used to be the info on the homepage on my website!

I've had a really crappy year and this really is just the icing on the horrific cake! What kind of a person does this? But then again, I thought the same when I was robbed just a year ago. Why are people so horrible and selfish? Okay, I feel like crying again.

So I'm all of a twitter, waiting to hear back on what's happening there, but let's move onto some more bad news.

I have raised my prices on Amazon. I know, I know, it's bad news. But I have been writing for five years now, and what with the issues I've faced over the last year, I thought it was time, but I don't want to be completely unreasonable about it, so it's going to work like this:

- Novellas and short story collections will now be $1.49

- Longer stories will be $2.99

- However, for the **first** month of publication, any story will be $0.99

- And the first story in every series will always remain at $0.99

I'm sorry if this is a disappointment to anyone. I've also had to slim down my website - it was getting a bit unwieldy and as I'm currently acting as a carer for my mother, I really didn't have the time to update it, so I've made it as minimal as possible so it takes less maintenance.

Hoping to have a new Reindeer story available soon, but honestly, I'm a little loath to publish anything - knowing that someone else is just going to rip me off.

Depressingly yours


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