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September Update

So I'm pleased to say that the gargoyle story about Gracchus is finallllllly out - if you haven't seen it yet you can get it from Amazon. Do it now! I know that when you buy print books there are usually a few quotes from reviews on the jacket - to try and encourage you to buy, so here are a few to encourage you to get the Gracchus story:

"Not as long as some books."

"Eventually the author does get to the point."

"There are worse ways to spend your afternoon. I can't think of any right now..."

Did that whet anyone's appetite?! (I'm joking, those are all made up by me - though for all I know some may be accurate!)

Anyway, at the mo' I'm working hard on Bettina's book from the SEA series. I went on a cruise a couple of years ago and ever since I've wanted to have a story set on a cruise ship. I'll send out a peek of that soon.

I'm planning on a new Reindeer story about Ariel which will be centered around Halloween, so I'm making plans for that, and after Ariel I was thinking one more final story in the series around about Thanksgiving.

I've also got bits and bobs in the works - new Bounty Hunters, new Grey Wolf, New Jaguar Kidnappings, as well as ideas for new series (Aliens, Bigfoot). Lots of things are ticking over, and I'll let you know how I fare with them.

I'll be in touch soon


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