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June Update

I thought I would start doing an update at the start of every month on where I am with current projects, so here is it.


1. Part four of the newest Reindeer story is almost ready - I just need to make a few changes to a few things I'm not happy with. I'm aiming for it be ready in about a week.

2. I've started work on the next Supernatural Enforcers Book, it will be about Bettina and her vampire - and will be called Vampire on Board. They will be solving crime on a cruise ship. Yeah, I know, it's about time that we had some cruising crime solving, right? It's still quite early for this one, but if I can't make much progress with that this month, then hopefully it will be ready late next month.

3. I'm progressing with the next Gargoyles book, which is about Gracchus and Melissa. I'll send a peek of it when I've got more to work with - hoping this one to be ready later this month. Not sure of the title of this one yet, at the moment it just 'When a Gargoyle... something' - haven't found the right word to end that just yet. Solves crime? Basically, it will be about murders that Melissa is investigating, and Gracchus will be helping her/protecting her.

4. I also have an outline for the next Bounty Hunter Story - which I'm planning on being about Wyatt, he'll be helping out a new, unsuspecting bounty hunter. That's on the way but definitely won't be this month. This one should be called Lion on the Loose.

Those are my four current things - I have other ideas mulling around, but none planned work-wise this month.

Take care Elizabeth

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