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The Reindeer's Secret Santa Gift


I'm sorry, it's been a while since I did anything, but things are getting back on track.

To anyone who didn't see my last newsletter, basically in early November I was robbed and my car stolen, and my house was pretty much left in a mess. But after a stressful month or so things are starting to look up. My car was found - hurrah! That was the only thing that was - boo! I have my car back and it's shinier than new - hurrah! The insurance are dragging their heels about paying out - boo!

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot more positive than I was - I have to admit I was a little depressed for a few weeks there and had trouble coping with anything. Like anything whatsoever - I almost went to pieces when I couldn't get the copier at work to do double sided copies. (Blasted thing has always had it in for me.). Thank you for all the kind messages everyone sent me, and I'm sorry I haven't been replying to anyone, but hopefully from now I should be a little more available to any questions anyone has.

But, I am writing again, and I have a plan. At the moment I'm just writing a short Christmas story to get me back in the mood. I haven't written anything in close to two months, and it's a little strange. But my plan is to get back to the things I was working on before this happened - new SEA and gargoyles stories.

The new story is entirely new, nothing from any of the other series I have done. Like I say, I'm working on it, and I do hope it is done by Christmas Day, but if not, it will follow on shortly after. Below is a small sneak peek - it's still a work in progress.

If you don't hear from me again before the 25th, whether you do or you don't celebrate it, whether you're off doing something exciting or you're just at home vegging on the couch, I hope everyone has a magical day.

Take care



Branch Conners grumbled a few hellos as he escaped to his office. The only thing worse than an office party was an office Christmas party.

Damn Christmas he thought in irritation – except he didn’t use the word damn.

Honestly, everyone just used them as an excuse to get drunk, Xerox their asses and hook up. The next day their building smelled of alcohol, puke, and regret.

Whatever morals and decorum anyone had immediately fled the moment Christmas was involved. Somehow, everyone was so much looser and debauched, and Branch hated the damn holiday. Again, he didn’t use the word damn.

Branch was the alpha bull of their reindeer shifter herd and CEO of Deer Co, owners of resorts all over the world, though their headquarters was firmly in Chicago. Many of the herd indulged in their resorts and visited them on a regular basis, but Branch was far too busy for that. Besides, everything he wanted was in Chicago. What could be gained by visiting a tropical island? They probably didn’t have the blend of coffee he liked.

He dropped his untouched drink into the nearest potted plant and strode to his office. He was the boss, so he put in an appearance – mostly to appease his worried mother, but that was it, he wasn’t staying. He was taking his ass as far away from the festivities as possible.

Besides, he had more significant problems. He had the worry about the future of his herd, plenty of work to do and he probably had to destroy whatever Secret Santa gift had been left there.

It’s in your office, his brother had smirked. It’s just what you’re looking for. Enjoy. This had been followed by an overtly lascivious wink.

Branch dreaded to think. His brother’s gifts had varied over the years from a python to a blow-up sex doll – a male blow-up sex doll. The latter had been particularly embarrassing, as his brother had stashed the thing in Branch’s desk drawer and it inflated during a meeting with one of their professional partners. Knowing Branch’s reaction, his brother ran all the way to India and hid for a month after that happened.

Branch tried to hold back his disgust as he passed one of the herd enforcers with his hands up a member of legal’s blouse.

Damn Christmas. Except he definitely didn’t use the word damn.

He pushed his way into his office. Abruptly he stopped upon finding a young woman dressed as an elf glaring at him.

That was certainly an improvement on the blow-up doll. Definitely an improvement on the python.


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