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New Grey Wolf Pack Story Available Now

Surprise release! The newest Grey Wolf Pack story is available now. It's about Susie and a new wolf called Barlow. You can read the blurb here.

Anyway, at the moment I'm working on the next Supernatural Enforcers story. If I have time, I may also have a special one-off halloween story at the end of the month - so fingers crossed.

I also have a story in the works called Keeping the Wolf - which is a one-off story about an arranged mating featuring a couple of characters who popped up in one of the earlier Grey Wolf Pack stories. More on that soon. Other than that, there is more Gargoyles on the way - Gracchus is chomping at the bit for his own story. Then there's the third book in the Jaguar Bridenapping series which will be about Sadie and Lorenzo, and also a brand, spanking new alien story is in the works. Phew! This year is just flying by!

Take care

Elizabeth x

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