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Gorilla in the Wind Coming Soon

Hey Guys!

It's been a while since I did one of these, so as a break from ongoing Gargoyles (and trying to find inspiration for a new Alien series) I thought I would do a Bounty Hunter novella. I love writing them, I always find them so fun to do.

Anyway, Zara's story is coming soon but I thought I would give you a quick peek of the draft to hopefully get everyone as excited as me. In brief, Zara had her heart broken by a gorilla (haven't we all!) and is now tasked with finding his brother who skipped out on his court date. (It's possible that the reason for including the gorilla is because I'm super psyched to see the new planet of the apes movies - can't wait!)

It is part of a series, but honestly if you've not read the others it's not a big deal. Characters from previous stories pop up but there isn't an ongoing storyline, and it's easy enough to pick up what happening.

Take care and I'll let you know as soon as it's available Elizabeth xx


Gorilla in the Wind Peek

Zara lay on his bed watching as Holt bent over to adjust one of his boots. The view was especially nice. So taut, so yummy, so… not for her. Don’t forget that – he’s a dick. A sexy dick, but a dick nonetheless. “No need to make yourself pretty for me,” she teased. Holt flashed her a grin. “So, where are we going?” “Sorry, cuddle-bum but you can’t come with me.” He actually looked apologetic about that, but it wasn’t good enough. He was not leaving her behind. She had a job to do. “I’m going to find your brother and haul him back to the cops…” Holt fixed her with a hard look of warning. “You should stay away from my brother, he’s dangerous.” Zara sniffed. “I can handle myself.” His eyes grew stormy. “I’m serious, Zara. He wouldn’t have a problem hurting you.” “Runs in the family,” she muttered before she could stop herself. Holt’s expression turned sad, and in a flash he was over her, his body covering hers. She let out an eep as he nuzzled her neck, inhaling deeply and moaning throatily. Well… this wasn’t altogether unpleasant. Zara was too surprised to stop him. They had spent the night together – what now felt like a million years ago, but it had never seemed quite this intimate. Bone-shakingly good, but he hadn’t been this tender. “I never want to hurt you,” he mumbled against her throat, his deep voice sending vibrations through her. “All I want is to keep you safe.” Zara scowled, snapping out of the haze threatening to engulf her. “Bit late for that,” she complained, futilely slapping at his enormous shoulders. With a sigh, he stopped and flopped down on the bed beside her, moodily staring at the ceiling. In spite of her wriggling, he gathered her against him with one arm so they – goodness – cuddling. “If you don’t want to hurt me,” she said squirming against him, “you could tell me where your brother is.” “I can’t.” “Or won’t?” “Stop looking for him.” “Knew I should have cursed you,” she grumbled. Holt let out a shuddering breath, and he twisted slightly to his side. She could feel his erection pressing into her, and a part of her fluttered eagerly. He took one of her hands in his. “You’ve no idea how sorry I am, peaches. Click.” “What?” “I just said click to cover up the noise,” he explained, carefully extricating himself from her. “What noise?” Zara grunted in frustration as she realized the devious gorilla had slapped a handcuff on one of her wrists and managed to attach the other to the bed frame. “Holt!” She kicked wildly, but he was already out of reach. “What the hell?” “Sorry angel pie, but I can’t have you getting hurt.” He had the decency to look a little contrite. Though Zara would have preferred him to have the decency to free her and kick himself in the nards at that moment. “Ugh!” She twisted her wrist, but his handcuffs were very sturdy. He had the same brand she did – they were great for shifters. Then it hit her. “Why do you have cuffs lying around?” Who had he been using them on? That young girl with flowing black hair? His somber expression lifted, and he looked very pleased. “You left them here.” “What? I… oh.” Yep, that was where she had left them. During their brief – very brief – time together she had given him a demonstration of how she caught and cuffed her bounties. Most enjoyable at the time and Holt had been an eager participant. “Ah yes, during the biggest mistake of my life,” she snapped, furious with herself for leaving them in the first place. He almost looked hurt at that. An outraged part of her wanted to harangue him about that – what right did he have to be hurt? But what was the point? She rattled the cuffs, uselessly as she knew there was no way she could break them. If they could hold an elephant shifter, they could certainly hold a skinny witch. “Careful, hot lips, you’ll hurt your wrists,” he said disapprovingly. “You just stay here, and I’ll sort out my brother.” “Well, I, ah, what if I need to go to the bathroom?” He looked uncertain for a moment before disappearing and returning with a bucket. Zara stared at it. “Are you kidding?!” He was not kidding. “C’mon, my little cinnamon stick, I’ve seen every single inch of you,” his eyes lingered over her body, “I can handle a bucket of pee… or more.” “Eeuw!” Holt chuckled. “I’ll be back as soon as possible.” “You plan on handing your brother over to the cops?” she asked, feeling her commission fluttering away. It was going the way of her last inch of pride. He slanted his head to one side. “I’ll sort him out.” “That’s not a yes.” “Just try and relax babycakes. You’re always so tense.” “I’m not always tense,” she denied in irritation, “and how would you know what I always am?” “Well, around me you’re always tense.” “Yeah, I wonder why.” He winked at her. “See you soon.” Zara rolled her eyes and listened to the sounds of him leaving the apartment. She counted to ten before pulling a hairpin out of her complicated braids and working her magic on the lock. Not literally her magic, but more like a misspent youth. Was Holt really so oblivious? How did he think she got into her perps’ houses? She made short work of the cuffs and pocketed them for later. The key had been tossed in the trash, but she was sure she could make use of them before the day was out. She took the opportunity to poke around Holt’s bedroom. It really hadn’t changed since the last time she was there. Still weirdly pink and frilly. Hell, there were even doilies. Everything about the room was a sharp contrast to the collection of work boots, tight black t-shirts and worn jeans he owned. Not to mention compared to the man himself. He was an enigma all right. A big, masculine, sexy enigma. Nothing in the past six months had dimmed her arousal for him, and being around him softened her exponentially. Zara gazed around the room. If she hadn’t seen him in the bed with her own two eyes, she’d never of guessed he would sleep there, and she had spent two full minutes staring at him until she jumped on him to get his attention. He looked like a particularly masculine sleeping angel. One who looked like he had perhaps spent too much time in the heaven gym and had his nose broken a few too many times by demons perhaps, but still an angel. The silver glint of a photo frame caught her attention. There was a photo of him, his brother and the young black haired woman. It looked a few years old. In it, she barely even looked eighteen. Zara’s eyes narrowed as she hardened her heart. Nothing had changed. He was still an asshole, and she was going to hunt down his brother and drag him to jail and finally take her vengeance. Mwah ha ha.

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