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When A Gargoyle Dreams Available Now!

I'm so sorry it's taken so long, but the newest addition to the gargoyle series is now available from Amazon. It's about Drago and Martha, and there's a small sneak peek below. Read the blurb from here.

I hope you like it - it's kind of talky and angsty at times, but I do love a grouchy hero with lots of angst!

Anyway, the Jaguar story is still continuing every week - the next instalment is due soon. I'm not sure what will be my next story, as I have a few in the works, I'll let you know when a decision is made. : )


Any thought that Drago had of the female using his dreams and her wiles to ensnare him went out the window when she opened her mouth and started caterwauling. Gargoyle females often possessed impressive roars, war cries that would have their enemies quaking in their boots and running home to their mothers. But no gargoyle female could possibly be a patch on the human before him.

She smells better than I remember. The thought unbidden leaped at him, and he scowled.

Fearing that her squall might attract unwanted attention, he tried to hush her. Grabbing her, telling her to quiet, worked. But rather than shocked, her expression became fearful and he didn’t like that. He could scent it too, rolling off her in waves and that just made him angrier.

As if she had anything to fear from him. Human females were the ones to fear – not him!

Slowly, he loosened his grip on her and took a few steps away from her. She didn’t look any less worried, though he couldn’t deny the loss of heat her body afforded disappointed him.

She was just as he dreamed her. Tall, curvy, supple, with a flawless face surrounded by acres of golden hair. He didn’t know what humans considered beautiful, hell judging by his experience he had no idea what a gargoyle looked for in a mate, but he couldn’t deny her innate appeal. He found her very beautiful. From her cat-like blue eyes, highlighted by dark lashes, her pink cheeks, and her trembling dusky lips, he wouldn’t deny an attractiveness in the female that surely many a human had already seen.

His muscles bunched as the thought of the female in the arms of a human male. For some reason, he didn’t like that idea at all.

There was just something about her that made him want to hold her close and protect her. To throw her over his shoulder and fly her far away from everyone and everything that might harm her.

It was a very primal instinct and one he did not like at all.

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