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Happy New Year!

Yep, I know it's a bit late to be saying it now, but it's taken me a while to get into 2017 and get going. I've been doing some writing, but for the most part I've taken some time off in January due to other commitments, but now I am raring to go. Well, maybe not raring but a tiny bit psyched to really get going.

I've made a few New Year's resolutions - the one about eating less chocolate has already failed - but I have a few others which I'm hoping to fulfil. Namely I'm keen to get a few new projects off the ground - one of them being the start of a new series of books about aliens. Another is that I'm still keen to start doing a bi-weekly serial. A while ago I was toying with the idea to start one about zombies but that's stalled a bit as I'm stuck on where it's actually going to go. So, that's on hold for the moment, but I do have another idea I've been tweaking and so far I have part one ready - it's an offshoot of the SEA stories and I'm planning on sending out part one on Valentine's Day - so watch out for that.

Now, to the point - I am way behind my own schedule - which is why I've made a resolution to stop setting dates for when I think things should be finished. So, basically, things will just happen when they happen... I'm currently getting to grips with the next in the Gargoyles series but can't say for definite when that will be ready, buuuuutttttttttt the newest SEA book is here! Yep, I have't been solely twiddling my thumbs in January, and Juliet's story 'A Bite before Dying' is available to buy now - read the blurb here.

Anyway, phew - if you managed to get through this long message, I'll just say that I'll be in touch soon and good luck to everyone in 2017.

Take care


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