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Scared to Death: The End!

Scared to Death: The End if Nigh! Actually the end is right here - it's the final part of the story. Yay! You can read it here.

I will be putting it on Amazon to buy in the next few days - but remember before you buy, it is free to read on the website, I won't be taking it down or anything - it's just being published for anyone who wants it on their reading device.

In other news, I've been thinking about writing a serial and having new chapters come out every so often (every week or so). Does anyone remember the short story I did about zombies and a couple getting together in the zombie apocalypse? Eh, don't worry if you don't. Previously, I did add another part to it, but I've decided to expand it into a full blown story. I know zombies aren't everyone's bag, but I've loved them ever since I saw the film Warm Bodies. (It was a book first but I admit to laziness because I've never read it.) So if you do like stories featuring zombies, you can expect the first instalment soon. (Although, disclaimer, none of the zombies will be cute or fall in love like Nicholas Hoult in Warm Bodies - the zombies will be the regular gross kind.)

Take care and hope you enjoy it


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