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Gargoyles and Vacations

Hi there!

Apologies, it's been a while since I added anything but (excuse time!) I've been moving house and everything's been a bit topsy turvy. You never truly appreciate how much you own until you have to put it all in boxes. I've found things that are over twenty years old and I forgot I had (why did I keep my school lunch boxes?) - I'm a bit of a hoarder I'm afraid.

So, anyway, enough of the boring, onto the interesting. I'm sorry it's later than hoped, but I'm expecting the next gargoyles book to be published on 27th September. It will be about Annis and Chris, and will be called, When a Gargoyle Flies. Below, is the draft blurb and a small excerpt.

I am going to be out of touch for the next week as I'll be on vacation and will only have intermittent wifi, if any. So apologies if you want a response from me for anything - it'll most likely need to wait until I return.

Anyway, take care and I'll post as soon as I'm back and the new book's available.




Two months has passed since Kylie first accidentally awoke the gargoyle, Luc. (Surely other women get drunk and decide on a whim to kiss a statue too, right?) With each passing day Kylie, Luc and the rest of their growing clan are searching for other gargoyles to free from their enforced sleep.

Annis, a female gargoyle with a damaged wing fears that her life in this new world will be just as hard as life with her old clan. Used and abused by her old clan members, she doubts she will be truly accepted by her new clan either. However, there is one bright spot – a human called Chris who she met after she knocked him out and tied him to a chair (that’s another story). The male incites some very alien feelings in her that almost make her forget that she is a broken gargoyle.

But although Chris cannot deny his attraction to the sweet gargoyle he is reticent – still burned from his marriage and uncertain there could be any future with a gargoyle. He tries to stay away from her, but the two are thrust together and while trying to sort out their feelings, they find themselves running for their lives.

With old enemies lingering in the background, Chris and Annis will have to fight their issues and fight to stay alive.



“Wakey, wakey.”

Chris groaned as soft fingers tickled his stomach. “Five more minutes.”

She giggled at him. A lot of his time with Mara now left a sour taste in his mouth, but in truth, they had their moments. The sweeter, quieter moments when he truly believed they were in love. This was one of them. The one he dreamed about. The morning where he didn’t want to get up, so he didn’t. For once, he played hooky from work, and they spent all day making love. That was the time he didn’t mind being irresponsible. It started with Mara tickling his chest hair, her smooth, supple body pressing against his. Completely hidden under the covers, her head bobbed, and her laughter taunted him as she kissed her way down his torso. He couldn’t pretend to be asleep for long. Finally, her laughter stopped as she found his manhood, engulfing him in her hot, wet mouth. He moaned as she took his length, caressing, and suckling at him as if her life depended on it. Their sex life was always glorious, and fleetingly he wondered what they would have without it, but he pushed that thought aside and just enjoyed the attention being laved upon him.

Abruptly she let him go, and her hand curled around his member.

Chris frowned. No, this wasn’t how the dream was supposed to go. He pulled at the covers, dragging them off her. But it wasn’t Mara. It wasn’t Annis. Her body was splayed between his legs, her tail dancing between his feet. Her wings framed her perfect, pink body, fluttering gently around her. Her breasts hung plump and peachy as she bent over his groin. Damn if the sight of her didn’t make him even harder. Annis looked up at him with startling purple eyes and swollen come-hither lips.

“Is this not what you want?”

Chris let out a yelp as he tumbled to the floor, tangled in bedsheets. After a fight with the bedclothes monster, he leaped to his feet and scanned the bed. Empty. Morning sunlight filtered through the room as he searched it, searching for any sign that the female gargoyle had been there. Nothing. The bedroom was the same as when he went to sleep. He didn’t know whether he should be disappointed or not.

It was a dream. Nothing more than a dream. Yet it had felt so real.

Chris grunted and flopped onto the bed. Strangely enough, his mood did not improve when Bob nosed his way into the room, leaped on the bed and promptly slumped on top of him.

“Thanks, Bob,” Chris mumbled.

With very little ease or grace, Chris managed to maneuver into a face-up position with Bob lying next to him, rather than on him – Bob was cute but no lightweight. Absently, Chris scratched the dog’s head.

He shouldn’t think of Annis that way. There was no future for them, and he doubted Annis was the type to go for one-night stands.

He shouldn’t consider her attractive. It was her own fault if he did. Dancing around in a bare slip of a skirt and a piece of cloth no larger than a handkerchief covering her breasts. Her tiny outfits perfectly showcased her slim figure, taut breasts, long legs and flat stomach with a tiny indented belly button. Not that he’d been looking or anything, but it was all on display – he couldn’t help but notice her. If Brenda had dared wear so little, he’d have tried to lock her in the house.

He was just horny. Obviously, that was all it was. It had been nearly two damn years since he had sex and he was starting to feel the pinch.

After Mara died, he dated, he slept with a few women, but although it gave him a physical relief, he didn’t find it altogether satisfying. Perhaps his experience with Mara just soured relationships with women completely. But now… well, now he was starting to feel desire again.

But he couldn’t do anything with Annis. It wouldn’t work. Brenda and Kylie were fooling themselves if they thought they could have normal relationships. If there was one thing he’d learned, it was that he needed to be practical. He didn’t need to be in another relationship with someone unsuitable. He already went through that, with three months of coming home to an empty house, a wife doing and going wherever she wanted and rarely coming home at night. What might seem cute and fun while dating, soon becomes old in a marriage.

He didn’t need another letdown, and he definitely didn’t want to disappoint Annis. He needed to stay away from her. It was for their own good.

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