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An apology...


First of all, an apology - the last few weeks I've pretty much been completely AWOL from my computer and haven't been writing or responding to messages. I'm afraid I've had an ongoing family emergency and my attention was elsewhere. I promise I wouldn't have been so rude if it hadn't been necessary. I don't like to go into details but thankfully, things are improving now and I can start getting back to normal. I managed to crack open my laptop the other day and have started trawling through my e-mails. If you have sent me a question I am intending to reply. It's not nice to be ignored - so I am sorry.

To try and ease myself back into the swing of things - seriously it feels like eons since I wrote anything! - I've put together a short story for the Supernatural Enforcers Agency about Rick the lion shifter (hence the pic) which (belatedly, I know) touches on Fathers Day. You can read it here.

I am intending to publish it on Amazon along with all the other holiday shorts I've done this year - and will be doing so hopefully in a day or two. Will post when it's available.

For now I'm picking up where I left off with the latest SEA story - the Bear and the Unicorn (Zane's story). Which I hope won't take too long.

Take care guys


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