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Gimme a Z...

QOTD: Vampires are cool outsiders who love girls who hate cheerleaders.

Yes, gimme a Z, gimme an O, gimme a M... I'll cut to the chase it's zombie. That's a lego zombie cheerleader - cute or what? Yes, she is the latest in my mini lego collection - and she's freaking adorable! And I don't really believe that about vampires - I'll bet vampires love cheerleaders - I was just looking for a Halloween-like quote about cheerleaders and that was the best I could find. (It's from The Simpsons - it's the episode where there's a fabulous animated montage of famous movie and TV kisses that includes Spiderman and Mary-Jane, Uhura and Spock and Ripley and the Alien - if you haven't seen it go to youtube and type in 'The Simpsons Kiss Montage'.)

So, anyway, I have plans for Halloween. No, not those kind of plans - I'm talking about writing plans. On the actual day I'll probably decorate with a few very unscary plastic spiders, get in loads of sweet treats for trick or treaters (most of which I'll eat) and then watch scary movies. And when I say scary movies, I actually mean not very scary movies at all because I'm a wuss. I'm talking about Young Frankenstein, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hotel Transylvania and Dracula: Dead and Loving It. And yes I fully intend to go and see Hotel Transylvania 2 - I like monsters and I like cartoons.

So back to my point, it's my intention to release some short stories for Halloween based around monsters. I'm thinking bigfoot, wolfman, witch and of course I shall try and get a zombie cheerleader in there somewhere. I'm hoping it will be a mixture of old and new that will contain some stories that have characters from one or two of my series as well as some that are completely new. Not sure yet on the details. I have a few ideas for stories, so will pot as soon as I have a better idea. I am thinking it will be called Monster Mash, though. But I'm not set in stone on that - that's just my first thought because I love the song of that name. I have it on my ipod and whenever it comes up I sing along like a crazy woman. So, we shall see on that matter.

At the moment I'm finishing up the next in the Bounty Hunter series - Flamingo Fugitive - and I hope to send out a peek at that soon. : )

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