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He he he he he! (witch's cackle)

QOTD: A girl answered a math problem, you know what the means. A WITCH!

Yes, my lego obsession in now full throttle and I have managed to obtain four more of the lego minifigures for my collection. My favorite being this rather fetching looking witch in this photo. Other than her I also have the mad scientist, zombie businessman and the spectre or should that be specter? Whichever is the one that isn't the new James Bond movie. Why the hell should you care, you ask? I don't know, I just felt compelled to tell someone because they're so cute. Reminds me of when I was a kid and there was always something to collect. Does anyone else remember pogs? Yeah, I was mad for them for a while. I also had a stamps phase for a while which I forgot about in favor of beanie babies and then ignored them when I got my tamagotchi (it kept dying - I've gotten better at keeping things alive since I got cats). Ah, those were the days.

Anyway, I've changed the cover again for When a Gargoyle Awakens. The reason why is I saw a very unfortunate review of the book that likened it (and the cover) to hentai. Which is Japanese cartoon porn! (Think schoolgirls getting attacked by tentacle monsters.) Euw - I really, really, really had no intention of the book being anything like that, but now that's all I can think of! Sent me into a funk when I read that and am a bit sad that likening it to that has affected the sales of the book. But, never mind, everyone's entitled to their opinion, right? (I choose to vent mine in a bitter and whiny fashion on this website.) And I know you can't expect everyone to like everything you do. (That's the reasonable part of my brain speaking - she gets an airing every now and then, but she just happens to be ten times smaller than the sarcastic part, the petty part, the part that wishes she could hulk out whenever I run out of the ice cream she likes and the vain part -although it must be said the latter is twenty times bigger.)

But anyway, I thought I'd try changing the cover at least (it's due to go live sometime soon) - hopefully people won't think it contains schoolgirls who are going to get attacked. (No schoolgirls are harmed in the book, I swear.) Now, again, I'm sorry if you don't like the new one either - but maybe it's preferable to the other and you just can't get a real life picture of a gargoyle - they're far too shy for that. Like Bigfoot, they like to remain in foggy and out of focus areas. So I have to settle for some kind of drawing.

So anyway, bitter and whiny vent over for the day (sorry you had to be a part of it), QOTD is from Family Guy and yay only 45 days to Halloween. I should probably start eating mini sweet things now in practice. : )

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