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Grrrr! Aarghh!


QOTD: Maybe we shouldn't believe everything we see on television...

Yes, it's a quote from Disney's gargoyles. I am gargoyle mad at the moment and I'm in the home stretch - I have uploaded my gargoyle book to Amazon and it should be available very, very soon. I'll post/send out a newsletter as soon as I know its out. But, speaking of gargoyles...

I was out shopping the other day - well, window shopping, I'm eyeing up a new pair of shoes. I tend to visit my potential shoes about four times before I buy them. I like to get to know them first. Anyway, I was out shopping the other day and I came across the new range of mini lego figures. Now, I'm not normally someone who's big on lego - the last time I played with lego it was duplo (and no, it wasn't last year!). But I enjoyed The Lego Movie and I like it when they remake film ads with lego. But I saw the stand with the new mini lego figures and I fell in love - they're monsters! There's a zombie cheerleader, a lady vampire, a frankenstein monster rocker - they're freaking adorable! So in a moment of madness, I bought one and my love for them was set in stone when I opened it. I got the gargoyle! It was just meant to be! Course, now I'm totally obsessed with them and I'm on a mission to collect the set. For now, grrr, argh!

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