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Delays, delays, apologies, apologies

QOTD: Attractive men were not in plentiful supply in Lancre, where licking your hand and smoothing your hair down before taking a girl out was considered swanky.

First of all, apologies, I was hoping that the gargoyles book would be out by now - I'm almost there, I'm so close, I swear but it's not quite ready. Soon I promise! For anyone who's suffered through any of my previous releases, you know that I am terrible for self-imposed deadlines. It's almost as if as soon as I set a deadline I immediately then can't meet it. Must be my deranged sub-conscious or something. I have a cunning plan for next time, I'm going to set a deadline and then add on an extra week. Hah! That'll teach me!

Secondly - I'm back from holiday! It was a fairly uneventful holiday - for the most part pretty relaxing. The usual problems ocurred - I forgot my phone charger so had to ration myself to ten minutes of phone time per day - it was torture. I forgot my bag of snacks so spent the entire time craving an almond joy - nowhere sold them! And yes, I did leave my toothbrush behind. I tend to go through toothbrushes at an alarming rate anyway, so that wasn't such a surprise.

However, on the plus side I won another toy from a claw machine! You may remember from a few weeks back that I won a teenage mutant ninja turtle in a claw machine. Well, I've now won the snowman from Frozen! I am the claw machine queen!

Also, red velvet pancakes are the most gorgeous thing ever created (for this week anyway). I tried them for breakfast one day while I was away and then started craving them more than my next chocolate bar. So delish! Am looking at making my own - I don't expect it will end well... My previous forays into red velvet baking have always been quite hit and miss, usually with cupcakes looking like a dirty brown color or them tasting too much like vinegar. Yeuch!

Plus, I had a nice time re-reading some Terry Pratcheet books. I'm a huge fan and was so sad when he died earlier in the year - I'd been meaning to catch up on the books that took a large chunk out of my teenage years. For anyone who hasn't read them - do! They're so funny and clever. One of the bext is Wyrd Sisters - I love the witches and I even remember loving the cartoon they made of the book (Christopher Lee voiced Death, naturally). And one of my favorites is Carpe Jugulum (that's where the quote of the day is from).

So anyway, I will publish When A Gargoyle Awakens as soon as possible.

Watch this space...

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