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Grey Wolf Pack Forever!

Currently finishing off some more short stories about Grey Wolf Pack, including a short about Violet (Rosalee's mom) and also Hilary (last seen with a broken leg and arm in Valentine's Wolf). I'm a bit behind my own schedule because I've been run off my feet at work - is it flu season? Everyone seems to be dropping like flies (apart from me which is actually a nice change - normally I catch everything that's flaoting around!) But I'm hoping it will be available in the next few days.

Now, I've had a few criticisms about the series going on and on too long (we're currently up to book 11 and now the second set of short stories), but, to be honest, I think of this as a soap opera more than, say, a mini series. Soap operas can go on and on and on with old characters getting their own storylines and new characters popping up - and that's kind of how I think of it. And to be honest, I enjoy writing them too much to ever leave the characters alone for too long.

So you know what? Grey Wolf Pack forever!

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